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What people think matters. That is why we invest in creating our brand.

When creating your brand, remember all brands are measured in two dimensions:

  1. the level of intimacy you have with your customers
  2. your level of stature in the mind of your customer

You drive the strength of your brand by:

  1. how well you’ve organized your central thoughts about your brand
  2. the personality of your brand
  3. the values your brand represents
  4. how you dress it up
  5. the emotional benefits your brand provides, and the
  6. hard benefits your customers receive from your brand

That’s why it is essential to know your target market and ideal customer profile.

Use reliable market research tools to get the information you’ll need to make intelligent assumptions about the size of your opportunity and how to best approach it to make it work for you in achieving sales goals. The more focused your market definition, the easier it will be to make sales and the more sales you will make.