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The seed of goodness is found in the soil of appreciation.

Just as we cannot always overcome our significant life challenges alone, so too must we rely on the expertise and generosity of others to keep moving toward success in business. It’s very important to cultivate the habit of acknowledging the support and contribution of others. Many of you are already doing that. (Keep it up!)

(For those who missed the first post: A Show of Thanks, I included the long list of of key players in my rehab and recovery to whom I am most grateful, including YOU, dear SMARTSTART community members)!

But have you considered that, one of the best ways to grow some buzz for your great work, is not to share it routinely in your social media channels but rather to position it alongside the great work of others and only promote for them. It may seem a radical (and possibly even counter-productive) move but it is not.

For example, I am a regular contributor to Online Marketing Success magazine. Featured in each issue will be a dozen or so other authors. When the new issue comes out, I promote all of the other authors’ articles, but never my own.

Same rule applies to every magazine I contribute to, including Lifestyle Entrepreneur, another digital publication I write for (there are several).

Because this is an unexpected, unrequested action, it generally has a positive impact and generates much appreciation — the seed of good buzz. Additionally, it also results in a lot of multiplied positive action in social media; far beyond what I could have generated on my own.

I assure you people still find my work despite my not telling them about it directly.

Many of the authors whose work I promote reciprocate without my asking for their help. And readers will often explore the entire magazine and naturally come to my article as well. Not to mention the benefits of the increased visibility in social media that results from creating goodwill.

It’s not how most people approach promotion, I know. It’s simply how I do it; it’s right for me. It might be right for you too. But you’ll never know until you experiment with it, yes? Think about it.

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

PS I hope you’ll find the new RAISING THE BAR series inspiring. If so, please share this post with friends and followers. You never know what burdens others are carrying or how much their load might be made lighter by doing so. ♥♥♥


Raising The Bar is a new series for the SMARTSTART community that has been taking shape in my head for most of the time I’ve spent working to recover from catastrophic brain, spinal cord and psychological injuries resulting from a near fatal accident in 2009. Success, whether it’s in rehab, business, relationships, or life, hinges on our ability to master this simple formula: Belief (B) + Attitude (A) = Response (R).

I’m excited to be sharing it with you now as a next step in my injury recovery. Consider this your invitation to join me on a grand adventure. Oh, the places we will go! Including all the places that scare us most. For that is where the greatest opportunities for joy and happiness — the true measures of success — reside!