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Everything about you in social media affects your brand.

I strongly encourage you to schedule an annual review of all your social media profiles and images. This helps you maintain a positive online impression and prevents stagnation of your brand.

The Pink Group is a forward-thinking creative communications agency based in London devoted to helping businesses reach, engage and inspire customers to take action. They understand the importance of creativity and congruence in your social media presence to make that happen.

Pink recently published a handy social media cheat sheet and I love how they’ve approached it. (You can see their post in its entirety here.)

You may not be using all of the marketing channels they’ve documented but this will be an opportunity for you to consider whether or not you should expand your participation in social media.

At the very least, if you are updating your branding and marketing collateral, their cheat sheet will simplify the process of producing logos and other images you intend to use online in the correct sizes for your various social media accounts. Never underestimate the value of saving yourself a lot of time and aggravation (not to mention expense) in this regard by researching the requirements and specifications in advance!

But that’s not even the best marketing lesson they share with you in their post.

Two marketing lessons

We all face the daunting challenge of how to increase our online visibility. We all invest in producing work we hope will be shared that will help us with that. The Pink Group shows you how to do both. To get their cheat sheet, all they ask is that you share the love in social media to unlock it for download.

Naturally they make it super easy for you to do that and have made certain the reward is well worth it. (Click here and check out the bottom of Pink’s post to see it in action.)

Finally, Pink went the extra step of reaching out to the owners of websites whose communities might likely benefit from using their social media cheat sheet. Joey sent me an email yesterday entirely on spec. Coincidentally, the timing was perfect for today’s blog post. But even if it wasn’t, I would have made a spot for them in the upcoming editorial calendar. Proof life rewards action, yes?

PS Don’t forget to ask yourself how you can put something similar to work for you and your business too!