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How many apply to you?

□    Assuming you can bill every hour you’re available.
□    Not making a provision for profit.
□    Not following or adjusting for cultural shifts in market demand.
□    Not being aware of industry standards.
□    Not factoring in your skills and experience.
□    Not aligning your pricing to your business strategy.
□    Not tying your fees to type and levels of service.
□    Not varying your pricing based on type of client.
□    Not considering geographic variables and influences.

Pricing your programs, products and services using a baseline hourly rate requires more from you than just dividing the amount of money you want to make by the number of hours you’d like to work. But first, you must be honest with yourself about which of these errors are limiting your earnings right now!

PS I’ll provide more details on the pitfalls listed above in future “pricing” posts. Can’t wait until next month to learn more? Download a copy of our SMARTSTART Pricing eBook and find out today.