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52 proven ways to end writer’s block!

Who hasn’t sat down to prepare a blog post only to draw a blank trying to come up with something to write about? I’m sure we’ve all been there. One of the tips I’ve posted about previously is to plan your editorial calendar in advance. That way, when you sit down, you at least know the theme (and possibly even the exact topic) you’ll be covering today.

But then you’re faced with what type of blog post to prepare. Problogger has you covered there in this guest post by Karol K of Online Business Design blog. In his post, 52 Types of Blog Posts that are Proven to Work, Karol fully describes the 52 types of blog posts listed below.

Having a resource file filled with content ideas and and frameworks for new posts helps you keep things fresh. Armed with your editorial calendar and Karol’s list, you should have everything you need to make short work of getting started on the task ahead.

This list is divided into sections depending on the purpose and characteristics of each content type. If you see something you want to know more about, click here to get the details and see examples. Let the inspiration begin!

Article style posts (aka standard blog posts)

1.   How-to/tutorial posts
2.   News posts
3.   Definition posts
4.   Standard list posts
5.   Resource/link list posts
6.   Profile posts
7.   Case studies
8.   Problems-and-solutions posts
9.   Comparison posts
10. Stories
11. Controversial posts
12. Inspiring posts
13. Research posts
14. “What others are saying” posts
15. “What if” posts
16. Parody posts

Unconventional blog posts

17. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) posts
18. SAQ (Should Ask Questions) posts
19. Reviews
20. Interviews
21. Ebooks
22. Special reports
23. Cheat sheets
24. Checklists
25. Infographics
26. Projects
27. Open questions to your readers
28. Starting a debate
29. Presenting an existing debate
30. Surveys and polls
31. Crash courses/gathering posts
32. Twitter posts
33. Income/traffic/expense reports (monthly)
34. Contests
35. Draws
36. Races
37. Quizzes
38. Software, tools, scripts, plugins, themes, services
39. Comics
40. Jokes
41. Icons and other graphical freebies
42. Presentations

Audio blog posts

43. Mp3 files (as a podcast)
44. Interviews
45. Talks
46. Teleseminars

Video blog posts

47. Talking head video
48. Screencast
49. Presentation video
50. Interviews
51. How-to video
52. Webinars

A Word About Recycling

Yes, you can (and should) recycle your content. Whenever it makes sense, take a piece of your content and repurpose it using a different medium. The possibilities are near to endless, limited only by your imagination!

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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