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You don’t need new tools; you just need to use the tools you have in better ways.

I’m always looking for better, faster ways to do things. And yesterday, after a conversation with my webmaster, I realized I haven’t even scratched the surface for optimizing my use of Gmail. Maybe that’s you too?

For starters, I’d found a great article on Mashable some time ago that shared 10 tips and tricks we can use to get more out of Gmail and began experimenting with them.

As a quick reference, see how many of the tips listed you already know about and are using yourself. For details, read their full post here.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts (Love, love, love keyboard shortcuts!)
  2. Undo sent messages (I’ve never used it but I set it up and like knowing it’s there.)
  3. Search attachments only (This one saves me time just about every day.)
  4. Canned responses (I’m on the fence about this one.)
  5. Code trick for quicker loading (I have used this now and then.)
  6. Incorporating dots and plus signs in filters (New to me but has potential — especially for subscription signups.)
  7. Add or subtract inbox tabs (Great for tab-aholics like me!)
  8. Inbox count in your browser tab (New to me; don’t think I need it though.)
  9. Starring (Will especially appeal to people who love to colour code.)
  10. Custom themes (I’m on the fence about this one too.)

More next time. Until then, remember to LOVE YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.

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