The Velocity Program

A standout business starts here.

When you are building a business you are either all in, or you're not.

Barbara Corcoran

The SMARTSTART Velocity Program is for business builders who are all in.

In Velocity, you learn how to build a business the hard way, using your unique genius, so you can get better at it. We work with the strategies, tools, marketing tactics, and ways of learning best suited to you right now. You also learn to be incredibly smart about how (and when) you do what is needed to succeed. That’s how we make the hard way the smarter, easier, better way in the long term.

Only 10% of all new internet businesses are successful or even still alive after their first 120 days. Selling things does not mean you are in business. Making money selling things means you are in business.

There are no random hurricanes of positive outcome — a successful business is not an accident. Those that do succeed are built on a solid foundation and follow the rules of sound business practice. And it does not matter if your business runs online, offline or some combination of the two — the principles that drive business success apply equally to all.

There isn’t a magic formula for business success

But there is a way that’s best for you and your business right now. Finding the right strategic success formula for your business requires facing three critical challenges: business building, personal growth, and professional development. Our Velocity Program covers all three.

Your work in our program is specifically tailored to help you:

  • Find your perfect people to attract as clients and customers.
  • Design, create, and market desirable products and services.
  • Set up, manage, and grow your business with increasing confidence.
  • Create, serve, and support your community with great love.

Velocity does not include:

  • One-size-fits-all blueprints.
    All of our program work is custom-tailored for you and your business.
  • Bullshit.
    Critical decision-making is backed by science.
  • Compromise.
    It’s the hard way. Done well. All the way.

What to Expect in Velocity

Velocity is a flexible, fully customized program designed to help you build a better business faster. A program where you learn how to use your unique genius and apply the principles that must be mastered to put your business in that 10% that succeed.

Our smartstartcoach works on your business right along with you as you apply what you learn providing an unprecedented level of personal support compared to other coaching programs.

Unleash the small business hero in you!

In Velocity, we’ll be working on your business and its related opportunities and challenges from the 12 perspectives shown below.

SMARTSTART Business Program


Discover Your Genius

Every small business owner and entrepreneur has unique strengths, talents, and hidden genius. But many don’t make the most of them, even when they know what they are. Discover Your Genius, our entry level assessment, is a 360° business review completed with you for every aspect of your business — yes, all 12 perspectives and then some!

We look at everything you’ve got and are dealing with right now related to your business, including your competition. Then we do a follow-up interview to share the results of our comprehensive review and analysis as well as discuss your unique areas of genius. The end result is a customized Genius Profile Report that shows where the areas with the greatest potential for moving your business forward and your genius are hiding.

No more guesswork or wasted time working on projects that won’t improve your business results. No more feeling guilty over spending money on courses and training you’ve never actually used because it just wasn’t the right time or even the right training for you. Now you can focus your energy strategically and use your available resources and time more productively.

Workable options just opened up for you

Armed with this key information, you’ll be able to start creating and implementing business strategies and marketing plans that deliver better results by catering to your unique strengths, skills, and capabilities.

You can work on your genius-related projects on your own, either independently or with a business coach – it’s your choice. Whatever you decide, you’ll know where to focus your attention to get the business results you want but don’t have and change the results you have but don’t want.

This end-to-end, top-to-bottom review serves you well for years to come. You learn a lot about yourself and your business from the assessment exercise. But, it does not obligate you to continue to the next, more advanced levels of the program.


Apply Your Genius

While Discover Your Genius provides the information needed to move your business forward on your own, there is also the option of working collaboratively with smartstartcoach on critical business challenges and projects.

In the Velocity Program, you learn how to apply your genius as you work on the areas you’ve chosen to focus on to build your business at the speed just right for you. We offer 1- and 2-hour collaborative work sessions scheduled within 90 days to increase your probability of success.

This gives you the benefit of access to dedicated professional expertise and private coaching as you pursue specific business goals and marketing objectives and offers both accountability and support to keep you on track.

You are the focus; but you aren’t working alone

If solid strategies and excellent marketing plans were the answer, everyone would be successful. You also need someone to listen and understand your unique situation.

When you purchase Velocity, smartstartcoach works with you on your business. You’ll also have additional support available between sessions to discuss any sticking points or obtain a second opinion on whatever project(s) you are working on while in the program.

This level of personal attention is simply not available in any other business training or coaching program offered online.

Here’s What You Get

    When you purchase Discover Your Genius, we send you a comprehensive assessment you complete online to tell us about yourself and your business. Your responses are returned automatically and are seen only by the smartstartcoach. The information provided is used to review and assess your current status, business activities, and achievements to date in the 12 key areas required for business success.

    There are no wrong answers to the questions (even if you don’t know the answer yet)! We are just creating a picture of where you’re at now and where you’d like to take your business while we work on uncovering your hidden skills, talents and genius. After receiving your completed questionnaire, smartstartcoach schedules an in-depth telephone interview to discuss the results of the review and your hidden genius with you.

    Your Genius Profile Report

    During your follow-up interview, we’ll be highlighting all of the areas of genius unique to you. We send you this in your Genius Profile Report prior to your interview.

    Your profile report shows you where your genius is hiding and how to use it to best advantage in moving your business forward.

    Discover Your Genius provides many insights into the current state and strengths of your business (or business idea) and provides you direction for moving forward. It does not, however, obligate you to join the next, more advanced levels of the program.

    And, when you purchase Velocity coaching, the full price of the Discover Your Genius assessment is included.

    The advanced levels of Velocity provide collaborative coaching in active work sessions with smartstartcoach. You’ll learn how to apply your genius to build your business as you pursue specific business and personal goals and marketing objectives.

    For those participating in Velocity 1.0 or 2.0, the first work session is used to identify the outcomes, projects, and processes that make sense for you to focus on for the next 90 days.

    In work session 2, we’ll develop a strategic workplan based on your priorities identified in the first session and a professional development plan for any specific learning that might be needed to support you for the next 12 months.

    Your remaining sessions are spent working together to complete the critical tasks and projects you’ve chosen to focus on in Velocity.

    Your Progress Dashboard and Action Plans

    A custom dashboard is used to track progress as you complete your work with smartstartcoach. Your strategic action plan, professional development plan, and dashboard can all be used indefinitely after completing the advanced level of the program.

    Key Details to Note

    Discover Your Genius is open to all and requires participation in a detailed business review as well as a follow-up telephone (or Skype) interview within 10 business days of purchase. Your unique genius results are documented in the Genius Profile Report sent to you prior to your interview. The cost of the Discover Your Genius assessment is included in the Velocity Program.

    Velocity 1.0 and 2.0 require a commitment to attend 5 scheduled private collaborative work sessions with smartstartcoach within 90 days. Limited spots are available.

    You choose the speed you want to work at in the program:

    • FAST RESULTS (five 1-hour sessions) or
    • FASTER RESULTS (five 2-hour sessions)

    We Invest in Your Success if You Do Too

    Transformational change isn’t easy and it does take time. If you invest in SMARTSTART, then we’ll also invest in your success outside of your work sessions.

    Velocity 1.0FAST Results

    $ 3,500

    per 90-day program

    Velocity 2.0FASTER Results

    $ 6,000

    per 90-day program


    What can SMARTSTART do for me?

    We want you to truly and deeply “Love Your Work” and be proud of it! SMARTSTART programs are specifically designed to relieve the confusion, frustration and disappointment small business owners and entrepreneurs encounter as they struggle to build successful businesses in the real world and online.

    No more dealing with contradictory or inappropriate information. No marketing hype or false promises. Just clear and honest answers, personalized just for you, and an approach that can work for anyone prepared to do the work.

    Is Velocity right for me?

    Realistically, only you can answer that.

    Velocity is definitely not for everyone. It is not a quick fix. It is not a magic formula. It is real, strategically focused work on your business. If you’re serious about wanting a business built to last and are all in with respect to what’s required of you to make it happen take a test drive by starting with a Discover Your Genius assessment and top-to-bottom business review.

    This exercise is required before you can be considered for the advanced level of the Velocity Program: Apply Your Genius but does not obligate you to purchase it.

    What does the full Velocity Program provide?

    Consider completing both the Discover Your Genius assessment and the Velocity Program if:

    1. You want results you can see.

    Stop settling for less than you need and deserve. Velocity shows you how to use your own genius to power your future success beyond what you thought possible for you.

    2. You want clear answers.

    Eliminate confusion over constant changes in digital marketing and conflicting and baseless business-building recommendations. There are certain things everyone has to do to build a successful business. SMARTSTART cuts through the noise so you understand what will work for your unique strengths, skills, experiences, and capabilities.  Clarity means less stress and less wasted money on tools, programs, and services you don’t need. And strategic focus makes your work much easier and far less complex.

    3. You are all in and ready for long-term success.

    Stop believing there’s a magic solution for sale out there. There isn’t. And stop believing you can transform your business in 4 weeks. It won’t happen. But 3 months? Big things can and will occur if you commit to doing the work required.

    Make your choice: Do you want smoke and mirrors or do you want to get serious about building your business in a way that can transform your entire life? Your audience won’t be able to love your work if you don’t. And many don’t love their own work anymore because it’s become so complex for them it’s light years away from the dream business they’d first imagined. We don’t want that to be your story.

    4. You benefit from personal attention.

    We can’t work with everyone. There just isn’t enough of smartstartcoach to go around. But if you are a good fit for Velocity and are committed to achieving long-term business success there might be a spot for you in the advanced level of the program. The first step for all candidates is completing the Discover Your Genius assessment!

    5. You want a coach who cares deeply about your success.

    SMARTSTART isn’t just a community; it is a family. We know our members and their businesses by name, smartstartcoach talks to them regularly, shares their great work all over the internet and promotes their products, services, and programs to others (not as an affiliate – that would be a conflict of interest). It’s an honour to be a part of your journey, and we want you to feel supported in every part of your work in our programs.

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    There are no refunds for Discover Your Genius assessments as many hours of investigative work are completed on your behalf prior to your scheduled follow-up interview with smartstartcoach.

    Velocity is only for business owners and entrepreneurs who are all in. There is no money-back guarantee, or refunds for those who quit mid-program. Especially as we’ll have completed many hours of work on your behalf before you even have your first session with smartstartcoach.

    We realize collaborative coaching isn’t for everyone and enroll only those who can truly benefit from the advanced work undertaken in our Velocity Program.

    Refunds are only available for Velocity Program registrations as follows:

    • All refund requests must be submitted in writing and sent via email to:
    • Requests received within one week (seven days) of registration will receive a 100% refund if no coaching sessions have been held. Otherwise, the refund is reduced by Ms. Lopeke’s professional services fee ($1,000/hr) for the number of hours of coaching and session preparation provided prior to receipt of the refund request (if applicable).
    • There are no refunds for service cancellations requested on the eighth day (or later) after registration.
    • Authorized refunds are processed within 30 days of receipt of written notice of the request.

    Linda stands out as a highly intelligent, ethical and moral person who practices her craft and professionalism to exacting standards. She has a distinct ability to think strategically and is a polymath able to come up with answers in a very short time.

    The SMARTSTART programs she pioneered have had far ranging influence through her business students, and the clients and entrepreneurs she has helped around the world.

    Linda is a positive influence and force to be reckoned with.

    Stephen HouseknechtPhotographic Artist

    Linda has been a tremendous help to my Pilates studio, Modern Pilates in Brookline, MA, and also to my growing social media business, Healthy Dose Media. She provides clear insight into problems and most importantly gives me a roadmap to get to the next stage. Whenever I take her advice I immediately get results.

    As an example, within 24 hours of speaking with Linda I had a client and a stream of revenue I wouldn't have otherwise had!

    Lisa JohnsonSenior Program Marketing Manager, Healthcare at Everbridge

    I worked with Linda as a book coach and consultant and was impressed with the sheer volume and quality of output of work she created, as well as with her incredibly quick mind, breadth of experience, and willingness to help others. She is someone you can call on for her expertise and vision.

    This woman is a true gift!

    Jill NagleBusiness Development Specialist, Patrick Allen Group Inc.

    I hired Linda to help me grow my business. She was invaluable and showed me how to define my mission, set business objectives and increase revenue. She brought me back into focus every time I strayed. The work we did together made a huge difference in how I marketed my business which ultimately resulted in a 30% increase in revenue.

    Mardi HughesHughes Chiropractic

    Linda knows her field of specialization remarkably well, was great to work with, and exhibited a commitment and work ethic few were able to match. She will be a valuable asset to whomever she helps and works with.

    Andrew ProzesInvestor and Entrepreneur, Former CEO, LexisNexis

    Linda has a gift for seeing revenue opportunities and showing you how to make the most of them and will do anything to help her clients succeed. Her determination and tenacity inspire me to always be better.

    I highly recommend you work with Linda. She knows what's happening in online (and traditional) business and helps you make sense of where you are at this moment.

    Wayne KellyMorning Show Radio Host, Producer and Media Trainer

    Linda created a series of seminars for Financial Post that attracted hundreds of professionals over a number of years. Participants regularly commented on the knowledge and expertise of Ms. Lopeke.

    I highly recommend her work as a business (development) consultant.

    Bruce RichardsPublisher, Rogers Consumer Publishing and Digital Media

    Linda has been a tremendous help in getting my private practice up and running in the right direction. She helped me cut through months and perhaps years of work and stumbling around by providing very clear, well thought out and professionally delivered business coaching and mentoring.

    I can't thank her enough and recommend her services highly!

    Tony RoebuckSpiritual Director, Minister, Unity Church at Austin

    I first met Linda in 1983, when I was in the early days of building up Information Plus. She was already a successful and accomplished consultant, and I found her suggestions and encouragement invaluable. Any time I had a tricky issue to deal with, Linda offered clear and ethical advice on dealing with the problem.

    Linda is an extremely intelligent, perceptive and hard-working individual and organizations which retain her services have made a wonderful and wise choice!

    Deborah C. SawyerChief Designer, Harobed Designs

    I worked through a number of Professor Linda Lopeke's programs and she was also my business coach. Linda treats you like an individual and is concerned with your progress. You gain a lot of business knowledge. If you want to succeed in business, especially online, this may be essential.

    Ken LucykConsultant & Mobile Marketing Specialist, Alberta Mobile Marketing

    The best time to apply to Velocity was yesterday.

    The second best time is now.

    Velocity 1.0FAST Results

    $ 3,500

    per 90-day program

    Velocity 2.0FASTER Results

    $ 6,000

    per 90-day program

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    Thinking about joining SMARTSTART?

    Membership in our Insider Community is free for now (this will be changing soon). Join here. (You’ll soon know how we think and whether you resonate with that.)

    Want something else? Such as learning how to use your unique gifts, talents and experiences to move your business forward? Discover Your Genius can do that for you if you invest in it. (You can work with what you learn independently or with a business coach of your choice. There is no obligation to complete the advanced level of Velocity or work with smartstartcoach.)

    Ready to invest at least 90 days working collaboratively with smartstartcoach to build your business in a way uniquely designed to focus on your strengths and fit your life and needs? Purchase the Velocity Program work sessions that best suit your needs. (The cost of Discover Your Genius is included.)

    Velocity 1.0FAST Results

    $ 3,500

    per 90-day program

    Velocity 2.0FASTER Results

    $ 6,000

    per 90-day program

    Discover your genius and let’s find out where we can take your business today!