Discover your genius.

Well, hello there!

In case we haven’t met before, I’m Linda M. Lopeke, the strategic business development advisor known around the world as smartstartcoach.

I am an accomplished entrepreneur and mentor who is curious, direct, sincere, committed, and generous. I stand for the freedom to choose yourself.

How about you? What do you stand for?

Work is my spiritual practice. I honour the gifts, experiences, and those who helped me achieve my professional success by sharing what I’ve learned over the years for the benefit of others.

My genius is the ability to help you discover and connect with the potential hidden deep in the soul of your business. And I have a natural talent for showing you how to turn your “to dos” into “ta das”! You have a special genius and natural talents too, even if you are not aware of what they are just yet.

Would you like to explore your unique strengths and learn how to use them to competitive advantage?

It thrills me to help digital entrepreneurs and small business owners build their companies strategically, develop their core professional competencies, become masters of business management, and excel as industry leaders.

Supporting you as you embrace your uniqueness and open the magic doors needed to fuel your business success is my chosen path for leading the change I want to see in the world.

Why me?

Since 1983, I’ve helped many thousands of people and hundreds of companies of all sizes and descriptions, from all over the world, see themselves, their businesses and their opportunities (often disguised as adversity) differently.

Here are just a few of my 300 or so corporate clients you might recognize:

Smartstartcoach - Corporate Clients

But you don’t need to be a big company to work with me — I love helping small business owners and digital entrepreneurs succeed even more. Your gifts and creativity power the future!

It pains me to see smart, inventive, passionately committed people drown in misinformation, struggle to make their businesses work using trial and error, lose sight of their unique essence and voice, question their own worth and impact, and undervalue their products, services and contribution.

Why now?

These preventable situations waste time and money, negatively impact profitability, erode your confidence and self-esteem, disrupt personal lives and relationships, and keep you from sharing your best work with the world.

So I decided to do something to help you build a better business faster.

In 2003, I created SMARTSTART. It’s for new and up-and-coming business leaders and professionals who are ready to embrace their true selves, who want to live and work by their own rules, and who need to be able to confidently deal with the increasing demands and challenges of a growing business.

My newest offering, the Velocity Program, is for business owners who are all in. People fueled by innovative collaboration and dedicated to serving others. People committed to building a business that matters.

Does this sound like you?


Big or small, on average, my clients earn a minimum 10x return on their investment in working with SMARTSTART and reduce their risk of business failure by 80%.

I’m dedicating the rest of my life to helping digital entrepreneurs and new C-level executives hone core competencies, develop new skills, and grow personally and professionally into exemplary visionary leaders.

Want to get your best C-game on? Join SMARTSTART. I would love to welcome you into our family.


Unleash the small business hero in you.

SMARTSTART is the most comprehensive strategic business development and leadership program available for creating a business and life you love. With a twist.

Our client success stories are created in ways unique to you.

SMARTSTART changes how you think about yourself and your business. We start where you are but work on your end game too. All strategic and tactical decisions you make flow from there. Stop blending in. Stand out from the crowd and make an impact!

Are you over-the-top with frustration trying to build your business in a way that was successful for someone else?

Copying what others have done does not work. You are not them. And all those generic blueprints and roadmaps you’ve been downloading? Forget about them.

Strategically focused work, in 12 critical areas needed for all business success, eliminates the obstacles and barriers standing between where you are and where you want to go.

The secret is working in 90-day blocks (traditionally called fiscal quarters), stretching your comfort zone, and focusing your attention on making steady progress, in small measurable steps, along the way.

This changes everything.

It reduces your risk of failure. It gives you four chances each year to pivot and change course when correction is needed. And it transforms your business — taking it all the way from idea to impact.

Not thrilled with your business results and income to date? You can change that with SMARTSTART.

You can build a business you love that’s as unique and valuable as you are without sacrificing your health and relationships. A business that:

  • generates ongoing, predictable income that supports your lifestyle,
  • adds meaning and purpose to your life while making a positive difference to others, and
  • creates an impact so powerful, competition becomes irrelevant.

Discover the Magic Door!

Some competitors sell what you see as magic solutions. There are no magic solutions. There is The Magic Door.

SMARTSTART cannot open the door for you. No one can. You learn how to recognize the door and I know magic waits for you on the other side.

No key is required to enter. A magic door opens automatically for you when you do the hard work required, not just on your business but also on yourself.

You can’t always find The Magic Door on your own. Sometimes you need someone to help you find your way.

And, over time, as you experience the transformation in your results available to you through SMARTSTART, you discover many magic doors that can open for you. Each one more compelling and awesome than the last.

Experience the SMARTSTART difference.

SMARTSTART isn’t one-size-fits-all!

SMARTSTART provides custom-tailored programming, unique to you, that solves tomorrow’s problems today. Solutions that are the best fit for where you are on your business journey right now — even if you’re stuck in the just-an-idea stage.

SMARTSTART helps you build your business strategically by working collaboratively with you to increase:

  • your customer base,
  • the amount of money your perfect people spend on your products and services, and
  • the frequency with which they do business with you.

These are essential to creating sustainable income from your business. But they’re not the only factors in your success. You too must commit to continuous learning and professional growth. And there are some really fun tools and activities SMARTSTART uses to help you with that.

Your SMARTSTART experience won’t be like any other coaching you’ve had before. You are never the same person after you go through a magic door. And the things you learn about yourself and your business, through SMARTSTART, remain with you for a lifetime.

Your thinking stretches beyond current comfort zones. Your success comes from a state of grace and personal power, not by following the crowd or the latest trends. What is possible for you has no limits other than your imagination. Your critical business decisions are backed by science and validated by real-world testing. You learn to choose yourself and trust the evidence and your instincts.

SMARTSTART is often copied but never duplicated. It’s the place to be to get the results you want but don’t have and change the results you have but don’t want.

Our members represent the highest standards of professionalism, excellence, and achievement. And it gives me great joy to help them in any way I can while learning from them too.

Your best work, along with your confidence and pride in all you’ve accomplished, leaves you able to say: “I have my own business and it’s making a positive difference in the world and in people’s lives!

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SMARTSTART has helped clients of all sizes and descriptions create revenue, reduce expenses, and acquire funding in amounts ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Many of my methods are unusual. However, they are so effective they’ve been featured in Harvard Business Review multiple times. And my work has been seen in many other noteworthy places too.

The Velocity Program is the most practical way of working with me and a labour of love for us both. At the start of the day it’s about possibilities. But, at the end of the day, it’s only about results.

Linda M. Lopeke Velocity

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